Monday, 13 July 2015

29/6/15 Slow Tope

Following on from the shark trip, and with the 'clock' approaching 300 hours of use I decided to treat 'Jupiter's' main engine to a service and , yet again, get a coat of polish on the hull before dropping her back on the mooring.
The whole process of servicing the engine was , once again, very straightforward and , after a thorough inspection and lube up with a newly purchased grease gun, she was deemed 'fit and well' and returned to her watery home.
Considering the use she's had, and the fact that she's kept afloat most of the time, she appears to be wearing very well. Certainly the engine is as clean under the cover as the day she left the factory and runs equally as sweet, and the hull is showing little sign of degradation .
 A few 'water' marks were showing on the port side dark stripe but a quick cut and polish soon brought it back to 'new' and generally, the hull is still 'gleaming'. A testament to the quality of the product.
Half a dozen tope came to the boat today but generally, things were a lot slower than usual.
Weed was actually quite problematical out there and, speaking to a charter boat fishing a mile or so inside of me, it was a similar situation there too.
The ebb tide actually produced only one high teen fish and over slack proceedings were so 'dead' that I actually laid down on the deck and dozed off.........with one eye open!
As the flood set in the bites did pick up and five more tope came to the boat with one decent heavyweight among them. I thought I'd set the Go -Pro to film the capture and subsequent release of the 'biggun' would appear that I  pressed the wrong button on the camera DOH!

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