Friday, 31 October 2014

15/9/14 Foiled Again those damned pesky mullet. I spent a couple of hours at my favourite river mark, at my favourite state of tide, using my favourite method (trotting on the pin) and, I had mullet in front of me but, do you think I could catch one of the buggers!! Not likely.
To be fair I did score a couple of sail away bites however, I don't think my 'eye' was 'In' because I failed to connect with either.
There does seem to be a lack of mullet in the river this year at least, that's how it appears, although I'm still seeing plenty under the boat in the marina. I'm not particularly worried nor can offer any reason why and I'm sure there'll be back in numbers next spring. Perceived population levels of mullet in the river do seem to fluctuate each year although its difficult to accurately gauge stock levels especially with the limited amount of time I spend fishing for them nowadays.
This trip did remind me of the frustrations I suffered back in the day when I fished solely for mullet during the summer months.
In a way, thank goodness I've diversified somewhat with my fishing as a few more days like today would probably find me tearing, what little hair I have left, out.