Monday, 13 July 2015

10/7/15 Briefly

There has been far too much wind of late preventing any 'big boat' action at all so, when a brief window appeared today , I decided to nip out for a couple of hours in the evening and chuck some lures around.
Clive was out in his boat too in the same area, doing the same 'stuff' but intending to stay out all night in search of conger, and then hopefully dropping some lures at sun rise.
Unfortunately, the evening session proved to be unproductive for us both. We each caught a few small ballan, and cuckoo wrasse but that was it, and shortly before dusk I left Clive 'out there' and headed home .
He did manage to score a few eels and a solitary bass on a strip of cuttle but generally, it was all a bit slow over night and the dawn period was little better.
By the time I awoke the next morning the winds had picked up and the sea was rough once again. It would appear that we've got a few days like this ahead of us.

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