Monday, 13 July 2015

23-24/6/15 Blue Shark

Quite a slow couple of days after the blue shark of Falmouth.
I 'd been contacted by my good mate Andy Howell of telling me that a few blues had been showing up in the area so. with a window of opportunity in the weather, I made the decision to nip down with the boat for a couple of days.
Luckily, I'd brought along both my own chum, and  hook baits as the local mackerel were conspicuous by their absence. They're not exactly plentiful at home but, at least we can catch a few. The situation 'down there' in the south west is not quite so good.
Day one saw no shark takes whatsoever but another small boat angler fishing in the general vicinity did manage to connect with three shark so I'm guessing we were just a tad unlucky.
The drift pattern had been unpredictable on our first day with the boat heading in completely the opposite direction than that we'd expected so, for the second day we started in a completely different location.
Again the fishing was slow but whilst whiling away the time we noticed a sunfish approach the boat with a gull appearing to peck clean the fishes' body-nature working in harmony. A terrific sight to see.
Suddenly the sunfish made an erratic move as if it was avoiding some unseen predator and within seconds one of my floats disappeared and line peeled from my 'Senator'.
The take was actually quite 'timid' and it appeared to me as if the shark had actually dropped the bait. Momentarily the float reappeared so I left the gear to settle hoping the shark would come back for another go...which it did.
A strong fight ensued with the blue taking a decent dive before being brought alongside for unhooking. We managed to film the last minute or so with the Go-Pro under water and I'm quite pleased with the results which are shown in unedited form above.
Unfortunately, that was the only shark action of the trip but our small boat 'friend' managed another three fish again so maybe we were just unlucky. At least we know they're about and their numbers should increase as the summer progresses. I'll be back soon enough.

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