Thursday, 2 July 2015

11/6/15 More Stingin'

Another attempt at snagging a beach sting ray and, as seems to happen every year, time is running out.
I'm not a great shore angler, it has to be said, and I suppose if I really put the time and  effort into this project I'd succeed but, there is simply too much fishing to do!
I joined Simon for a very pleasent evening on the shingle and once again, my man produced the goods. Not a monster but nonetheless, a stingray, and a very cute one at that.
I didn't even get a bite!
We have discussed using my boat to get close in on these marks to fish for these elusive (to me) creatures and, with the excessive weed that is hampering beach fishing at the moment , this might be a viable option but, for me, total satisfaction would be to get one on a beachcaster-otherwise they'd never get used!
I'll keep trying when the opportunity arises.

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