Monday, 13 July 2015

14/6/15 Wrecking

A trip out with father and son team Brian and Martin on their ever capable craft, the 'Blueprint' to wrecks in  the 15 to 20 mile zone.
Cod was the target which seem to be in plentiful supply at the moment in our area. Lets hope that these fish will populate our inshore grounds and provide some entertaining winter fishing.
Each wreck we tried produced plenty of fish up to double figures and it was indeed, hectic fishing.
We took a few for the pot, mostly those that would not return, but the majority of the fish went back successfully with a little bit of assistance to get them started on the journey down to the depths-sometimes 150ft.
Being able to return the fish will probably mean I'll have a bash at these wrecks in my own boat as what's prevented me doing so in the past, is the fact that fish couldn't be returned and there would be far too many killed for me to take home.
Everything was taken on lures on various designs naturally, but one of my favourites was a mini octopus design moulded around a heavy ball lead which literally 'nailed' the cod.

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