Monday, 13 July 2015

13/6/15 River Boating

A first exploratory trip with rods in our 'new' boat for Dave and me.
We decided to take a run downstream with a view to maybe trying for a mullet or two but mostly just to test out the boat and sort out a few glitches before opening day.
In a tidal backwater we did spot a few 'whelms' which probably indicated the presence of thin lipped mullet but we can't be entirely sure. However in the past, I have caught thins at this extremely difficult to access location on rag baited spinner.

Eventually we stopped short of our target location some ten miles downstream, 'sorted' the anchoring system and trotted some bread baits for an hour or two in the hope of seeing a 'thick lip'.
Unfortunately, only some out of season roach and small bream were tempted but at least everything worked well and the boat performed faultlessly.

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