Thursday, 7 March 2013

6/3/13 Jon's Twenty

Jon Cook is a devoted, and expert pike angler who puts a huge amount of effort into his fishing and scores as a result. His tally of big pike is very impressive but, until today, he hadn't managed a river '20'.
Jon has spent a considerable amount of time on my second favourite tidal river this season but for very little return. No one said it would be easy though, on meeting up with him on the bank for this session , i could sense a certain air of despondancy.
I was armed with big trout baits whilst Jon graced his hooks with some outsized bream.We searched a supposed 'hot' area all day without a sniff of a pike and by mid afternoon I was forced to pack up and go to work.
Rather than waste my trout I donated them to Jon's cause, one of which he proceeded to trot under a float downstream in the ebbing, and by now, slowing tide.
I'd just finished packing up when I noticed that finally, my mate was into something, and offered to stay and help with the landing.It was a good job that i did because, although initial impressions were that the short stocky fish, laden with spawn, was a good double, on weighing, she turned out to be just over the magic twenty pound mark.A beautifully coloured pike typical of this river and who's build, again typical, Jon says is apparently due to an initial stocking of reservior fish.
A cracking fish, and well deserved with all the effort that was put in leading to her capture.
You owe me a quid for that trout mate!

4/3/13 Too Much Piking?

Probably yes!
A short session with newly acquired trout baits at upper river H1 reminded me how difficult this stretch is to fish, due to its steep banks and general lack of swim access.Dave has scored the occsional spectacular pike from the area, and i've had some doubles but generally, It disappoints and today was little different to the norm.
With just one other stretch available on my current club ticket , I think it may be time for a complete change of venue for winter piking next season, and some different club waters.My river is controlled by so many clubs that there is plenty of choice and it would take a lifetime (or two) to explore them all.It's times like this that make me wish I'd continued fishing through my twenties, and thirties.

3/3/13 Last Minute Double

I joined Dave today for an all too rare piking session , for this season,on our favourite stretch and spent the majority of the day staring at motionless floats whilst we worked our deadbaits along the river.Conditions were again, perfect but the pike just did not seem to want to feed,or we just didn't come across any pike.
Dave, having had a much earlier start than me (he can get up in the morning)decided , due to lack of action, to call it a day about 4 p.m. Whether it was because I just couldn't summon the energy to pack up my kit, or through just pure stubborness, I elected to stay on until dark and this move did eventually pay off with this nice double of 12-04 on sardine at the top of the tide, and just as I was thinking of finishing.

2/3/13 Eastern Plaice

Continuing with the 'eastern' theme, today I took the Warrior on an exploratory trip to a mark off Shoreham in search of plaice.Fishing was generally slow even though there were plenty of other boats in attendance in the general vicinity including Littlehapton's very own 'Jennifer's Pride'.
I caught a few small plaice on the drift but nothing of any note and really, it was just an excuse to get out in the boat and burn fuel.
In the flat seas I ran her up to about 26kts and then decided that i was going a little too fast for comfort, and throttled back.Nice to know what she's capable of though.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

1/3/13 Tiddler pike

'When the wind's in the east,the fish bite least'.

Absolutely true because, despite having two very healthy, and lively roach baits out all day long,and the river in the best shape i've seen it all winter, only one small jack pike of about 4lb decided to show an interest to save a blank session.
The trip was to a rarely visited section of the river tidal reaches, but one that certainly requires much more attention next winter.
I have had a few good pike from here, and Dave's had more, but we've neglected this part of the river in recent seasons, in favour of more reliable options.It will take a whole season to explore the whole length thoroughly but, until we do, we're not going to know what surprises it may hold.
With the most difficult pike season i've had for many years  drawing to a close,plans are already being made for next year's campaign.