Monday, 5 May 2014

3/5/14 Patience.....

paid dividends for sure on this lure only trip.
A solo afternoon outing this one concentrating on a series of marks around reefs #7 and #9 and fishing soft plastic lures 'vertical' fashion.
A stream of small Pollack turned up along with the odd cuckoo and ballan wrasses, some of which preferred to bite the tail off my lures rather than hook themselves , but the bass , as usual, proved extremely difficult to find.
I don't think I'm doing anything wrong and comparing notes with my two, far more expert, bass angling colleagues, I'm definitely in the right places but I've certainly got a long way to go before I even approach their results.
With time and tide running out I finally found my quarry though it was a short lived acquaintance. The lure (green home brewed jelly nailed to the sea bed) was hit like a train and my new one piece 60g jigging baitcaster strained under the load of what was obviously a good 'bit of silver' and this indeed proved to be the case.
Just over the 6lb and two feet long at least, she was a welcome sight and just reward for sticking it out.I soon connected again but failed to hold on , and to keep in touch with 'the green' on the sounder and subsequently lost the shoal.
It's funny how just one decent fish can make the difference between success and failure. The learning process continues.