Sunday, 24 February 2013

21/2/13 Testing Times

One run  from, what I believe was probably a small pike was the only action  on a day when it was so cold that it was a necessity to huddle down behind an umbrella to remain comfortable.Big roach baits were used and this was probably why the run didn't result in a hooked pike.
The river was clear, but i don't think the low temperatures helped. However, the way the weather has been this year, I cannot afford to be too choosy about when i'm on the river bank chasing pike .I'll keep trying -time is running out.
If you're reading this blog don't be afraid to get involved, join as a member, and leave a comment or two, or even tell me about your own fishing experiences. I'd like to know who is reading this.

19/2/13 Brill...iant

I've been hoping to take my mate Alex out in the Warrior for some time especially as I've had so many great days out in his boat-Samax.
Tiny 4.3m tide meant that another run west in search of blonde rays was on the cards but unfortunately today's fishing, wasn't a patch on what I experienced here in January.
Five rays came up and the fishing was quite slow but, Alex was over the moon with this brill-a first for my boat, of about 3 1/2 lb which took a smaller than usual mackerel fillet. we did try scaling down more baits but no more of these stunning looking flat fish turned up.
Still, a fine day to be out and Alex was more than complimentary about the boat.

8/2/13 Not A Sniff.

I went back to the river today for another crack at the pike but did not get a sniff at all despite the river conditions gradually improving.
Jupiter has been out of the river for her first oil change service having completed 20hrs of running. Jack helped me get her out at the slipway and the van retrieved her not inconsiderable bulk with no issues.Good news, beacuse trips to Devon are in the planning stages as I write this.
Unusually for me, and in order to maintain the warranty on her main engine, I'm actually having to open my wallet and pay an approved mechanic to service her!!Perish the thought.
 Adrian , in his defence, tried to get me involved as much as possible which i'm grateful for, and he also furnished me with some valuable tips on how to look after both my motors.I've not yet received the bill!
At the same time I gave her hull another full coat of polish to keep her protected and gleaming and she's now back on the mooring awaiting a window of opportunity in the weather.

7/2/13 Piking With Neil and Mick

My good friends Neil and Mick wanted to go pike fishing neither having caught a pike before. Neil is skipper of 'Spirit Of Arun'-probably the most successful charter boat in the Littlehampton fleet, and his partner, Mick-an extremely successful angler in her own right, usually crews on the boat.
It's always a tall order to provide a 'guiding' service especially for two such experienced anglers but, there is also the fact that these two fully understand angling, and it's foibles.
Unfortunately although both managed to tangle with a pike each on the day, Mick's almost certainly a double, neither fish was landed. To be honest, the river wasn't in the best of shape still being a little bit coloured from recent rainfall, so I was actually quite pleased that two fish decided to take our baits.
Conversation was lively and entertaining and a tremendous insight for me into the workings of a charter boat-they certainly earn their money.
Mick and Neil are off to  Mexico on a fishing holiday(naturally) at the end of the month so, whether another opportunity to visit the river with them again will arise before the end of the season is uncertain. I hope we manage it.