Thursday, 9 June 2011

9/6/11 Another Quickie.

A Similar sort of post work session to yesterday, in similarly windy, bright conditions, although I did spend a bit more time trying to unsuccessfully locate some fish today in the murky water. In the end I settled for fishing blind in yesterday's swim but to no avail.A short move upstream to another promontory produced a bite and a dropped fish just as I was ready to call it quits.
Of course I had to hang on a little longer, despite the advancing flood, and yet another tentative bite produced this sparkling three pounder which initially surprised me with a powerful mid river run.I must be out of practice with these mullet to allow such relatively average fish take command but, after turning her head, she glided in to the bank quite easily.Job done.


  1. There is no doubting that you know the river Jeff..... another positive session

    Just out of interest what size do you think they go up to in the areas that you are fishing ?

  2. This is my thirteenth season fishing the river for mullet and I've had 300 plus fish to 6lb on the nose however,I do know of bigger fish that occasionally show up.Bob's fish-in 'seven' from last year is a case in point.
    Bigger fish are definitely more common in the lower areas of the river and in particular the marinas that we both know so well.I've seen definite 'sevens' in there but, as you know,for various reasons, I won't fish it myself.Not saying others shouldn't have a crack though.Just don't tell anyone that I suggested it.LOL