Thursday, 2 June 2011

1/6/11 A Day Out On the Fairy.

Had a long day out today on Rusty's boat -The Sea Fairy.
We started on a reef mark which fished a bit slow in general.However, a few bream, doggies, hounds, wrasse, pout came up to the boat before we decided on a move away out west to a sand bank.Drifting with mackerel lasks intended for turbot produced this fluke bass for me, plus small tope and a thornback for the skipper , but still it was hard fishing.
Third location was a very shallow reef clearly marked by turbulent over falls. Russ lost a really nice bass here on a pirk, and apart from a pollack-nothing else showed its face.A few mackerel sprinkled in for good measure gave us ten species for the day but, the wind really ground us down and I think we were both relieved to get in after being out for a whole tide cycle.
A day of experimentation and lots learned.

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