Thursday, 2 June 2011

2/6/11 Scooby's Got a New Home.....Charlie's Mark

Trailering the Orkney and launching it from the slipway in Littlehampton hasn't proved to be too much of a problem but, it does involve  having someone else along to help out which isn't always possible. Also, it's quite a time consuming operation and requires me to run a 4WD vehicle, essential if I'm to get the boat in and out at any time of tide.
I thought about it for about five minutes....and then dived straight in.Rent a hole in the water at Littlehampton Marina....and flog the Pajero.The cost of running the truck won't cover the cost of an annual mooring, but it'll go some way ,especially as I've chosen the cheaper option of a restricted mooring which dries at low water.
I'll need to be a little more mindful of timing my trips but, the boat should get a lot more use and I'll be able to go out on my own on short little outings when the conditions are favourable.When I do need to get her out for cleaning, which will be a regular occurance until I anti-foul her, with careful timing, I can use the camper which also has a tow hitch.
I dropped the boat in on Tuesday,parted with my 'hard earned',was shown to my mooring and the smallest boat in the marina was ready to go. Today Thursday,I had a couple of spare hours so I tested her out on a short solo trip just a mile or two offshore, trying firstly to find the Frode wreck(unsuccessfully),feather up a couple of mackerel, and then fished at anchor for 45 minutes near Charlie's mark, which gave a me a doggie and a nice scraper double smoothound on squid.Solo photography is not going to be easy!
The boat really flew on the flat water with just me on board(17kts ground speed recorded), helped no doubt by leaving the second engine behind as well.The engine is faulty at the moment but will be returned to the transom when fixed and will probably help with weight distribution when I'm running solo as it lives on the port side, and the helm is on the starboard .
Popped back in with three hours left until LW but , could have left it a bit longer if necessary but i'm still learning.A six hour trip is about optimum.
Had a quick word with Ted who was on his Orkney at the Arun View on the way in and it was nice to thank him in person, and from my boat, for the help he's given me.The whole operation was very easy and convenient so we'll have to see how things pan out and how often the boat get's used.

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