Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15/6/11 Tesco's Mullet.

1030-1330  HW 1138 L.A-5.6m
Out with Dave today for a spot of HW mulleting on the Tesco's stretch. Conditions were perfect-dull, overcast and with a little drizzle.
Dave had been fishing for an hour or two before I arrived after work and had already reported fish present to me over the phone. He'd lost a fish and it was clear to me that there were plenty still about and they were in feeding mood. I started at the lower end where several fish were whelming and the bites were almost Instantaneous, though difficult to hit in the still water conditions. Eventually I connected, and bagged a two pounder which killed the swim dead.
Repositioning at the top end gave us both ,Impossible to hit bites, but Dave connected with another two pounder and reducing my bait size to a tiny morsel, I landed a huge mullet of about 12oz.I suspect that the small fish were , with their tiny mouths, the cause of all the tricky takes. I've experienced these small mullet on several occasions at slack water and they are always a challenge. Quite why they only appear at this state of the tide is a mystery .

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