Friday, 10 June 2011

10/6/11 Splendid Isolation..........East Ditch

0900-1400   HW 0630 4.9m
A small window of opportunity in the weather saw me heading out today solo to the East Ditch where Alex had reported some good fishing  earlier in the week.
Although I do enjoy fishing with other people and Indeed have a really good group of close  buddies,  I still prefer to go it alone sometimes. I enjoy my own company and the freedom to make my own choices and try my own experiments.There's also something quite exiting about being four miles out,on an open sea, in a small boat, all on 'yer todd'
I wasn't entirely alone on East Ditch.When I arrived Ted was already in position in his 520 albeit , a quarter of a mile away from my chosen mark. We had a chat on channel 8, and I continued to monitor other boats on this wavelength which proved to be very useful and somewhat entertaining due to the lively banter.
Nobody was catching that much on this small tide and Indeed my own mark was proving to be a bit slow . A few small bream and dozens of nuisance pout, one of which was tried as a livebait, showed early on and over the slack water period very little happened at all. I decided that, as everyone else seemed to be in the same boat, I'd be patient stick to the mark and see what developed. This paid off as eventually a wave of really good sized (2-3lb) bream came through and I managed to bag a couple before the wind kicked up (18mph) and I was forced to return home.I'd managed to dodge some pretty hairy weather all morning.
Met up with a few new faces in the marina Including 'Pinchers' and Les(who worryingly recognised me from a pike pic on the net) and neighbouring owner Brian who'd actually had some really good bream and a double figure bass on the Kingmere. Most boats however,returned pretty average catches so I wasn't too disappointed with my own results.

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