Thursday, 16 June 2011

16/6/11 Good Move. Tesco's.

1130-1330  HW 1229 5.7
It's the start of the coarse fishing season so what do Dave and me decide to do?..................................Go mullet fishing of course.
Actually It was Dave's idea and I just came along for a couple of hours after finishing my chores. Conditions were again perfect-dull and wet with the river showing plenty of colour from the remains of the ebb. We had to score.
When I arrived Dave was on the mud flats and although a few fish were showing, there weren't enough to fire me up. I suggested a short move upstream to another intertidal mud flat where, from previous experience, I thought the blighters might be hiding.
They were indeed in attendance, in numbers, and in the mood. Dave quietly settled down on the flood defence whilst I paddled out over the sedge trying not to do an impression of a scarecrow.
 My mate got the first and experienced a challenging tussle from a nice fish at 4 3/4lb and shortly after I beached a three pounder to even things up.
Both captures seemed to kill our swims, and the incoming salt water increased visibility sufficiently to curtail any further activity, so we knocked of for lunch.
The coarse fish can wait until tomorrow.

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