Monday, 20 June 2011

20/6/11 Window Of Opportunity...West Ditch

1300-1630  HW 1526  5.5
A brief respite from the recent strong winds saw me heading out to West Ditch today.
To begin with, I just drifted around studying the fish finder and playing with a set of feathers. No mackerel, but a small pollack turned up however, it was more valuable to get an idea of what the ground was like under the boat.
Eventually I anchored her up, though in the slack tide not really where I wanted her. My baits were probably on the edge of the reef.
Light rod on small pieces of cuttle and squid, heavy on whole squid.
Bites were regular throughout the session-the inevitable run of dogfish, small pout, a pollack of a couple of pounds, a couple of smallish bream(bit disappointed by their absence) but cream of the crop-three decent(double figure) smoothound all falling to the whole squid bait which was intended for bass. Even on the heavy outfit, they pulled nicely and were great sport.
A steady swell actually caused me to feel a bit 'Iffy' at one stage and by 1630 the wind picked up a little, it had started to rain, so I headed for home.
It would appear that the bream are thinning out on the reefs now. Apparently they've done their breeding and most will head off into deeper water.

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