Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29/6/11 Mullet Before Teatime.........

I was chatting to Andy the other day and he mentioned that he was feeling a bit' fished out'.
I do understand what he means. Sometimes you can just do a bit too much fishing.....................What on Earth am I talking about! 
 However, this afternoon, feeling more than a little knackered, having helped the Mrs at her new allotment, I did have to make the effort a bit and drag myself out for a short session before tea time. I'd intended to nip over to the boat to do 'stuff', and fish for mullet on the west bank but, as i drove over the bridge, I spied Drew bending over in the mud obviously doing a bit of crabbing, in the distance. A quick U turn and I was back on the east side of the river Initially just to have a chat with my buddy.
Andy has been getting more than his fair share of hounds , the past couple of nights, from our local beaches which is why he was chasing the pincered ones. A few mullet were showing in swims nearby, so I decided to grab my gear , and stay in the area.
First trot down to a group of fish produced a missed bite. 'That would have Impressed him', I thought to myself. Second trot , I didn't miss the bite and out came this little mullet of probably and pound and a half. Splendid.

After losing one a few minutes later, the tide had gone slack, we'd moved downstream chasing whelms and I was starting to get some very finicky bites which I thought were the usual tiddler mullet. Eventually the float did bury itself properly and the culprit was this little 'fatty' at 3-06.
Job done and home for tea.

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