Monday, 2 May 2016

1/4/16 Future Piking Prospects

I can't really complain about the quality of the pike fishing that I've experienced this past winter from my local river and much of the success can be put down to the relatively dry weather conditions . In fact, I cannot remember a season in recent years where there has been so little flooding , and when we've been able to pike fish so often.
However, for many years I've been seeking a good quality still water that is fairly local, and that I can turn to when the river becomes unfishable during the colder months.
Piking buddy Jon has been fishing a Southern still water for some years and I managed to secure an introduction to the fishery bailiff through him, and an invitation to fish the water for a day.
 I've never been 'Interviewed' to join a fishing syndicate before and was somewhat apprehensive at the proposition but, in the event, I needn't have been concerned as said bailiff proved to be a most congenial chap with whom I shared many common fishing interests and, following a brief discussion, I was offered the chance to apply for a place next season.
The fishing on the day proved to be quite slow but, we both managed a small pike each and it was very useful to gain an insight to the water and get a' heads up' on the geography and various 'likely' spots to try next season.
The lake can be fished from a boat and this is almost definitely going to be how I shall approach it as I'm happier when fishing afloat for various reasons. It's a long way off but I'm already getting excited about pike fishing again but, in the mean time, there are plenty of other species to target in both fresh, and salt water.

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