Monday, 12 July 2010

So what are you fishing for now.....again!

This winter's pike season has definitely been my most challenging so far.The rivers have been out of condition for long periods and though i did try to get a decent pike pic in the snow- the water temperatures were so low that it just did not happen.I have to say that it didn't stop me trying and it was rather novel boiling up snow to make fresh tea on the bank. My last decent pike was caught way back in December,but last friday i had another window of opportunity,albeit a brief one, fishing on a tidal stretch of the river -an area more notable for its mullet than pike.The weather was comparatively mild when we started at dawn,but it had been raining since two o'clock that morning and the effects of this were beginning to show in the river.My piking buddy had a dropped run on the first cast and almost immediately I had two pike in a short ten minute feeding spell,the first at 9-04 and then this one at 16-12 shortly after I had returned the first .The wind increased, the temperature dropped and despite the tide ebbing the water level was rising and beginning to colour and that was that for the rest of the day.

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