Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Arun mud flats 5-7-10

Took my mate Andy (Portslade Pollack on WSF) for a first time thick lip mullet session together at the lower and middle mud flats with strict instructions to keep this location secret....so I'm writing it up on here.Hopefully nobody will read this anyway and if you do,the spot's not that good , and you'll never find it.LOL

The tide was virtually bottoming out and the water had a nice colour to it,conditions that I favour because although the mullet can be more difficult to locate, they can't see you so easily which means you can get closer to them.

A few fish were swirling so, in went the mash, and I soon had some movement on the float.It didn't take long for another bite ,proper one this time,which I connected with and this turned out to be a 4-10 -good start,but i now needed Andy to get one- that was ,after all,the point of the session.He was getting a few bites but not connecting and, after a while, the swim went a bit quiet so i suggested a move up stream, as the tide had now turned.

New swim was the edge of a drop off where i've had several fish on the early flood and there is about 4ft of water right under the rod tip.Andy soon had a bite and connected but,it turned out to be a hybrid-roach/bream with maybe a little bit of carp thrown in. It weighed  about a pound and a quarter.I'd aready told him about the hybrids that occasionally occur this far down , so it was nice to for him to actually see one for himself, and although he was pleased, I still really wanted him to get a mullet.

A few minutes later, and after an uncharacteristically slow bite(I thought it was another slimy hybrid) ,I caught another mullet of about 3lb.Thankfully Andy got his own mullet shortly after,one of about 1 3/4lb , his first thick of the year, and after packing up,we both agreed that it had been one of our better sessions together.

Postscript- Andy went on a few days later,to take a good mullet of about 4lb from Tesco straight .

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