Tuesday, 20 July 2010

20/7/10 Lightning Quick session.

It would have been the perfect morning, and tide to put the boat in and that's what i had planned (again) but, after last night's kayak session I couldn't get out of bed in time and I had a couple of jobs to do anyway.A missed opportunity.
In the end I just finished my work by lunchtime and had a couple of spare hours before going on night shift.Conditions couldn't be better and I knew it.I had to go mulleting.Tide was small and at the end of the ebb,water quite coloured and weather was cloudy and close.I was brimming with confidence as i walked towards the flats and ,as usual, there were plenty of fish showing In the Inaccessible 'flood bank straight' swims ( i must get up there in the boat)
Started at the lower flats but the mullet down there were conspicuous by their absence.A few ,very few, were showing in the coloured water and it almost felt a bit 'dead'.However,I persisted and, after a whelm came the only bite, and a 3-10 was the result.I got the feeling that this was the only mullet in the stretch and I was lucky to get it so , a move was in order.
I took a quick look down at the sluice, but there was nothing there so I moved up 200 yds to the middle flats- an area I'd managed to miss out on the last trip.Excellent-several fish were whelming in  three feet of water and, as time was running out, I said to myself 'once i've got one i'm going' and it really was as easy as that-a scrappy fish of 2-14 on about the fifth trot down.If only it was always like this.Probably only fished for about an hour with all the moving about.Job done-went to work one happy man.

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