Friday, 23 July 2010

23/7/10 Two In One

Dave's been pre-baiting a swim at Washingham for a few days in an attempt to get some bream.He fished it yesterday but could only manage small roach rudd and dace although his fishing mate, Gary ,did get a 1lb 4oz roach and a small pike which took a shine to a roach he was reeling in.The pike caught my attention,and Dave had invited me along this evening for another go.I did suggest a hounding trip out back because the 'grapevine' had reported some local hound action,but we decided that as Dave had Invested so much vitalin,hemp and corn in the river, we'd opt for that. In any case, I wanted another crack at the pike.

In the meantime,I had a couple of hours to kill between finishing work and meeting Dave so I headed up to the A259 west bank with mullet trotting gear.There were fish showing, but the tide was ebbing hard making life a little tricky.First fish 3-00 came, after missing a few ridiculous bites,from the top straight in about 2ft of water. I then moved much closer to the bridge and a deeper section 4ft close-in produced a 2-04,all in about an hours fishing.

On the walk upstream I'd passed a couple of friendly Polish chaps who were struggling to catch and complaining how difficult the mullet were.They appeared to be free lining.I told them to stick on a float,chuck in some ground bait and showed them how to pinch on some flake.At the same time I caught my second, they had one themselves and were chuffed to bits.

Finishing the mullet session I headed up to meet Dave at Washingham.Unfortunately, the bream never materialised-just some more tiny R,R,and D. Two of the biggest went on my pike rig but again,despite seeing a small pike leap out of the water,there was no show.Somehow it didn't seem right watching a pike float in the middle of summer anyway.

It seems, at the moment, the mullet are the easiest fish to catch on the river.I never thought i'd hear myself saying that but, I'm having a nice little run with them recently.Be nice to up the size a bit though-need to get the boat in.

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