Monday, 26 July 2010

25/7/10 Hamble in the boat.

Took Jan and Bill ,our mutt, in the boat to the Hamble today, arriving at about 1-30p.m for an afternoon/evening session.I probably only visit the venue a couple of times each year in the boat nowadays,though it was a regular haunt in early days and has provided Jan with her P.B.It's an easy launch and,as long as the wind behaves,a fairly easy place (logistically ) to fish.

Today, the  wind was proving a bit problematical and first port of call,with the tide just beginning to ebb was alongside Brooklands a short hop from the Swanwick slipway.Jan opened the account with a bass and then a small thick of 2lb before i managed a bass and then decided on a move across the river to the corner of Hackett's marsh dead opposite the slip.Fish were showing in the shallows and literally on the first trot I was into a really dogged fighter which bitterly disappointed me by only making 3-15.What was also surprising was that it was probably the scruffiest mullet i've ever caught-a real old campaigner.I'd had my eye on this spot for a long time having seen fish here every time i'd visited it, including last years boat session with Robin (Fishyrob).

The wind direction proved even more of a problem in this location and,as the fight seemed to kill the swim, we decided to move again, up river, beyond the M27 road bridge, to find shelter in the picturesque country park area.

We quickly had fish moving on our mash and Jan hooked another 2lb fish which annoyingly broke the line on the boat hull.Fortunately, her disappointment was short lived, as she soon hooked,and this time landed another thick of just under 2lb.

By this time the tide had turned, was flooding slowly, and although it appeared that there were plenty of fish in the area, I suspected that they were mostly very small,or even coarse fish running back with the tide.We left for a final try back at the Brooklands swim and Jan landed another ,this time her first ever goldie of about a 1lb in about 2ft of water.

A couple more bass made it to the boat and we left the river at about 8p.m- no bigguns this time but she out fished me numbers wise-clever girl!

On returning home I found several WSF anglers on the beach out back, after hounds.Unfortunately,they weren't really playing only two of note caught -a double to Andy and 13 to one of Rob's clients.Bit disappointed by this as I'd hoped to tempt Dave down to get his first hound and it was this set of tides last year that I had my 'Bonanza' session with Lib and Rob.

On Monday night (26th) I couldn't resist having a couple of casts depite being dog tired and badly in need of an early night.Predictably,nothing showed but there had been a few taken at Climping so there are still hounds in the general area.Hopefully they'll still be around 'out back' on the next set of tides

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