Thursday, 29 July 2010

29/7/10 Tesco's

Bit of a change of venue this time with a first crack for the season at the tesco's stretch, fishing LW up from 10am-1pm.I started half way along the flood bank upstream of the mud bank and was soon getting bites but NOT hitting them in the virtually still water.I've always found that the mullet manage to spit the bait out 'lightning quick' in these circumstances and I must have fumbled nearly a dozen takes  before eventually hooking up to one of 2-12.

As the water flooded getting a safe foothold in the rocks became tricky,so I moved down to the bottom of the stretch where,again,it took no time at all to get bites.An extremely slow take was connected with-a small mullet-but it was off in a few seconds because I hadn't actually struck home.First lost fish with the new Preston rod but in exceptional circumstances so I wasn't too worried.

I later bumped off a fish at distance as the flood proper set in and apart from 2 bass that was it.A little frustrating-I feel as if I should have banked three at least! There weren't actually that many fish about,despite the weather conditions being pretty good,and Andy catching three evening fish here a few days back.I suspect they were elsewhere in the river.

Anyway 17 down,33 to go.

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