Sunday, 6 April 2014

1/3/14 Conger Hunt.

Took Dave out to try and find conger out on mark 3 over slack water on this big 6.1m tide. The mark has as a reputation for producing conger at this state of tide .
We concentrated on big squid and cuttle baits and, apart from small fish nibbling at our offerings, the fishing was slow so, following a move inshore to the area around 23 and 28 once the tide began its run, where I'd had my big conger a few trips back, Dave proceeded to nip out a small double figure eel, and a thornback ray to save the day .

One of our local amateur photographers, Geoff Smith, has been getting some cracking pictures of late, and I'd like to include one here.It's a shot of my mate Shaun's new boat, a commercial potter, netter and supplier of superb cuttle, entering the river mouth that was featured on Facebook. I was lucky enough to spot it, and managed to forward it on to Shaun who was thrilled to bits with the image. The power of the internet!!

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