Monday, 21 April 2014

15/4/14 Cut Up Rough

A couple of my mates have been doing exceptionally well catching bass on some of our less well known reef marks in the recent light wind conditions. I've had a full work schedule, which has been extremely frustrating, but saw a possible window of opportunity for a few hours this evening for a 'lure only' excursion.
The only problem being, I'd be 'locked out' for four hours over the low tide.
It didn't look too bad at the marina and, although I could sense a slight south easterly building, I decided to take the plunge and go anyway.
In the event the wind did build up quite considerably to Force 4/5(not forecast) which made fishing extremely uncomfortable however I did manage to catch half a dozen pollack on my self designed and poured soft plastics just to prove that they work before throwing the towel in due to barely being able to safely stand up and fish.
Making my way slowly back to port, the last twenty minutes or so saw me hanging around the river entrance waiting for the tide to flood enough to give me enough water to get back in over the bar.
'Foolhardy' you might say?... Not in the slightest, I reply.
Yes, I did get thrown about a bit but at no time did I feel unsafe( I find these sort of conditions quite exhilarating) and once again the boat showed me just what it's capable of, which is far more than my brain can handle.


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  2. Roger, you're giving away all my secrets.LOL