Tuesday, 15 July 2014

8/7/14 A New Tope Mark

The tope fishing locally has been a little disappointing this year with few big fish showing up in catches. I'm still a little confused as to whether the big fish appear early, or late in the season but will assume that it will still be worth targeting them until September on the Selsey marks.
Dave joined me on this one and we immediately headed to my 100ft mark at the chair but, apart from the odd pack tope, the omnipresent cat sharks were in excellent bait stealing form, although a couple of rays did make an appearance.
A move was in order so I decided to try a previously unexplored mark, noted on the plotter as 'Owers Tope'.
I've no idea where the numbers emanated from though I suspect they formed part of a generic list that everyone on the marina seems to gets hold when they start out.
To cut a long story short the mark did produce a few tope, and not a bad size with perhaps a couple getting close to the 30lb mark and will be logged for future small tide outings.
I've been busy  with boat maintenance issues of late. Following the Devon trip and before 'Jupiter' was returned to her mooring, I gave her hull a fresh coat of antifoul paint, a job that I'd not been looking forward to.
The existing paint is 20 months old and has held up well probably because every time I drag her out for a shark trip, I give her 'bottom' a thorough good going over with the pressure washer, but there were areas that were wearing a bit thin and needed attention.
With high winds forecast for a few days , but fine dry weather, it seemed like an ideal time to get on with the job in hand and not wait for the winter, traditionally the time for doing this sort of thing.
In the end it was actually quite an easy task and was carried out quickly and efficently by jacking the boat on axle stands whilst keeping the trailer in place and , after a quick polish, she was back in the water again. Job done. The Warrior is proving to be a very easy boat to live with.

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