Saturday, 18 February 2012

18/2/12 Dave's In Again.

Four pike to 18lb plus two more lost for Dave today in the 'hotspot' confirming that this is a really very special place indeed. I had one chance at a fish when my bait, cast  on the fringe of the area was taken whilst I was landing one of Dave's fish. Unfortunately, the pike took the bait straight into a tree before |I could get to it, and I was extremely relieved to be able to retrieve the end tackle complete, albeit with some bent hooks, bits of tree, but minus said pike. Bugger!
 Thanks goodness I was using heavy braid as i would never have forgiven myself if I'd left the gear in that fish-it felt like a good'n....but I'll never know.
My second rod outside of the take zone didn't even get a sniff. We're pretty sure they were all 'new' pike suggesting that there is a very high concentration of fish in a very small area and it will be interesting to see how long they stay around.

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