Thursday, 16 February 2012

13/2/12 Piking and Poling.

I'm sure Andy won't mind if I poach his post on this trip;
After what seems like ages I finally got out to wet a line with Jeff who I haven't fished with for ages. First we tried the fields below Houghton bridge for Pike, we passed 2 good looking swims in the woods on the way which need a revisit sometime. The fields swim was interesting since I've not fished it for more than 20yrs, still much the same with a nice bit of sheltered water on the near bank (not quite a back eddy) and water steaming through on the far bank. The bottom was harder than I remember and you could feel the lead hit the bottom and bounce, to me that screams Barbel and I might have to put some time into this area especially since we didn't get approached to move on (I was hoping we wouldn't but it's a bit unknown who owns this field now). It did look very fishy and we fished the later half of the ebb until the point the water just about stopped moving at which point Jeff wanted to hit the farm pond to get a few Roach/Rudd and I said I'd join him.

I really thought a nice bit of mashed bread would score well with a bit of flake on the hook but after a couple of hours of watching Jeff get a few on the pole and maggots I relented and very cheekily parked myself right next to him and cast my float within 2ft of his (I'd only get away with this on this pond but my excuse was he was feeding very tight with a pole cup and I couldn't stray too far, plus it was too late to start feeding a new swim!). 2 Rudd in 2 casts before they got much more finicky, for me I was fishing very light with 2.1lb line and a size 18 hook and tbh it's starting to get difficult to focus on this small stuff when you're used to the great big gaff sized hooks used in sea fishing, I don't think I could've gone any lighter that's for sure!

None of the fish in this pond are that small but there weren't really any big ones today with just one decent 12oz+ one to Jeff but they continue to amaze me just how well conditioned they are considering the venue and it's size, feisty little things to that put up a decent scrap and it was a pleasure to return to this venue and have some fun fishing. Might have to have a rethink on the mashed bread though!

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