Wednesday, 2 August 2017

9/7/17 Wrecking With Tony

Marina neighbours ,Tony and Mark, have recently bought a very impressive Parker 660 boat and, as the weather was set fine, invited myself and Brian on a wrecking expedition to try her out.
A very fine craft indeed, I particularly liked the 'walk around' facility to allow safe and easy anchoring and the comfort of a full cabin was certainly appreciated.
I often wonder , if I'm ever in the position to do so, what sort of boat I might eventually replace my own with and, it's only the full cabin facility that would warrant a change. For the time being I'm more than happy with what I've got and the added running costs of a larger craft make it an unrealistic proposition anyway but, it's always nice to have a look.
Tony worked very hard to put us on the fish trying several wrecks up to 25 miles offshore but the fish were slightly less than co-operative.
We caught about a dozen  in total, including pollack up to low double figures (fun on a 50g spin rod and 2500 sized reel) along with a couple of tidy codling.
Brian provided the entertainment as usual,  it made for, as always, a great day afloat, especially as I got to drive the boat back to port, and we're both hoping to get another invite out soon. Hint, hint.
No pictures I'm afraid because Tony is a better skipper, than photographer.

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