Wednesday, 2 August 2017

31/5/17 Fishing with Izzy

 Izzy's first bass

 The young skipper

 Dad's tope

Taking a six year old boat fishing could prove to be a challenge but, in my wife's grand-daughter Izzy's case, it was a breeze. Already an experienced young angler in her own right, due in no small part to her Dad's enthusiasm for the sport, she was a pleasure to take out to sea and the fish co-operated.
Anchoring a reef mark and bait fishing produced a variety of species to keep us all occupied including bass, bream, hounds, rays and small tope and the calm weather contributed to make a suitable introduction for the young angler and,she was equally enthused  when a picture of her with bass appeared in 'Saltwater Boat Angling' magazine.
An angler in the making,I'm sure you'll see more of her in the pages of this blog as time goes on.

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