Wednesday, 27 July 2016

26/7/16 The Mackerel Have Arrived

A 4-30a.m start at the boat secured enough 'light wind ' time to fish  until it all kicked off about lunch time. I spent the ebb on the drift at mark 49 before heading in and finding mackerel in good numbers on #2 over slack many of which found their way into the bait tank. The early flood was fished  at #6 at anchor and wasn't too bad with wind and tide on my bow but it soon built up enough to drag out my grapnel. I finished with a brief few drifts at 'Charlie's' which produced a trio of small bass but in all seriousness, it was getting far too bumpy for comfort so I was back on the mooring by 2-00p.m.
Nineteen  bass were taken on lures and bait of various sizes but no 'lunkers.'This one took a 'livie' at anchor....something I rarely do nowadays.

 Strange shaped bass again-on a live bait.

 Finally they've arrived and I can get 'smokin' again....delicious. Had about twenty in a very short space of time and the sea seemed alive with them- a great sight indeed.

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