Wednesday, 27 July 2016

17/7/16 Tope n' Hounds

Always a good laugh fishing with Brian.

Brian's tope which was  a new p.b.

A trip out with marina buddy Brian in his trusty old Orkney-definitely the smartest, most organised boat on the moorings.(sic)
 Brian wanted to show me a hound mark but we were distracted initially by the prospect of a few tope at Mark 41.
Sport wasn't hectic (when has it been on the tope front this year) but we did pick up a few up to perhaps 30lb and when the tide started to run a switch to uptide tactics made the fishing far more pleasant -the usual pound plus leads being switched for 8oz grippers.
Eventually we hit the target mark and within minutes, I had a hard scrapping hound on(a good lower double), followed shortly after by one for my mate.
 I love hounds-proper sporting fish especially from a boat on light gear. I can't help but think if our shore angling friends scaled down to something like a bass rod, they'd have far more fun with these fish.

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