Saturday, 2 July 2016

24/6,28/6,1/7 High Quality Bream

 Dawn bream

1lb 5oz roach

 7lb 9oz-a personal best

Three consecutive sessions fishing the baited swim  and, once again, the sport proved to be very consistent, although bream are not specifically what I'm hoping for.
The 24th was an all night foray, which is something I rarely undertake these days, but served to remind me of the fun I had when night fishing in my youth, and was thoroughly enjoyable. In those days tiredness didn't really affect me and I wish that were still true today,as It's certainly the best time to be out fishing.
The river seemed to come alive in the small hours, and I caught bream of 4-14,5-07,6-02,6-04 and 6-05 on a mixture of pellet, boilie and corn baits whilst,scaling down briefly to a running feeder (usually I'm fishing a semi-fixed 'bolt rig') produced a welcome roach of 1-05.
Three days later and I was back for a short afternoon session which produced a 6-04, and a new personal best of 7-09, both taking two grains of fake corn popped up on a very short hook length.
Finally, on July 1st, my tally increased with fish of 5-12, 6-11, 5-11 and 5-10 all on big halibut pellet and switching to a light rod, running feeder and worm bait gave me a nice fish of 7-00 but the outfit didn't really feel 'beefy' enough and, should I be lucky enough to hook either a carp or a barbel, would probably be hopelessly under gunned in the strong tide flows.
The scaling down exercise involved lighter line and smaller hooks and was something of an experiment. The bolt feeder attracts almost continuous attention from, what I suspect, are smaller fish nipping at the ground bait particles but using big hook baits prevents their capture.
I'm hoping their presence, and the consequent activity in the swim will eventually attract either a carp, or a barbel as well as the bream, but this remains to be seen.
It's curious that these fish are all of a similar size indicating that perhaps they shoal up with others of their like and. although we're unable to continually feed the swim, it would seem that they're staying put, at least for the time being.
I'm fairly sure, as many of them have very distinctive markings, that we're not getting many recaptures but, I try to photograph every fish I catch so that in time we might be able to identify any individuals that turn up more than once.
Whatever the case , It's enjoyable coarse fishing and, as strong winds have prevented me going to sea, a welcome change.

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