Thursday, 4 August 2016

28-29/7/16 Two river sessions.

................and difficult ones at that. Actually, in truth, the second was more of an exploratory session and proved to be quite useful.
We've yet to encounter our intended target species from the baited swim and , although the bream have proved entertaining, I'm ready to give it a rest for a while and move on to something new whilst continuing to bait the swim when convenient.
Our approach thus far has been with feed that will attract all sizes of fish in the hope that 'activity' of any kind will draw in the carp and barbel. We're now considering a different approach baiting with bigger samples-pellets and boilies. Whether it'll make a difference remains to be seen but I personally think it'll still require some serious rod hours to winkle out what we want.
In the meantime, my attention has turned to trying to catch the river's pike on lures-something we've rarely succeeded with so far.
A friend and angling author has however, done very well catching predators on 'artificials' from the river although, it must be said that much of his success was realised during the warmer months.
I'm not averse to a bit of summer pike fishing especially with lures so decided to give it a try by visiting the area of river where I had my winter pike on baits.
A couple of aborted takes, and a dropped pike, proved that they were about and willing but only one tiny pike actually came to the boat. I also had a rather ambitious perch follow a shad that was his equal in dimensions from a swim that both Dave and me had thought might contain these stripey thugs.
Back at the baited swim however,  a pike did follow my lure rejecting it finally at the boat and, whilst bait fishing, a similar sized pike once again found my sweet corn hook bait attractive enough to seize on the retrieve. Sadly, after some aerial acrobatics the pike managed to free itself of the hook and escape but I think that it's highly likely that it was the same fish I landed a few weeks ago on the same 'method'.
The bream fishing was very slow with just a couple of fish over the two days perhaps because we've slightly neglected the feeding regime. I'm sure they'll return.

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