Wednesday, 27 July 2016

6/7/16 Al's Shark

My good mate and marina neighbour Alan asked me several months ago if he could join me on a shark fishing trip sometime this season. Actually finding some days when the winds haven't been blowing has been very difficult so when I spotted a window in the weather, I jumped at the opportunity and asked him to tag along.
Initially there were two consecutive days of light winds but unfortunately, as often happens, we only managed to get out on one day before the numbers increased.
Penzance was, once again the chosen location and having arrived after an early start, but very easy run down from Sussex, we pitched our tents at the camp site, and checked out the harbour facilities for the following morning.
More by luck than judgement the tides proved to be convenient for an early morning launch, and evening recovery, as the harbour dries completely at low water. Conditions were near perfect as was the drift speed and direction so my confidence was high but, as the day wore on, and the shark failed to appear, I became quietly concerned.
 Finally when the Penn connected to the far set float screamed like a mad thing I felt a great sense of relief and, as was pre arranged, it was to be Al's fish.
The shark, a good six foot 'plusser', fought very well indeed which pleased me no end, and my crew mate commented that it was the best battle he'd had with any fish, ever. As usual the circle hook connected cleanly and was easily released but not before I'd secured a few shots to capture the moment.
Unfortunately that was to be the only take of a particularly slow day so I didn't get a 'go ' myself but that doesn't matter as the satisfaction of getting a mate a shark goes much further than catching one myself.
To cap off an enjoyable day afloat, a large pod of common dolphin made an appearance on the run home swimming right underneath the boat and giving us a spectacular view of these stunning creatures.
The following day, the wind had increased too much for comfort so we decided to head for home having just had the one day afloat.
 The whole trip was made much easier due to a new acquisition to my 'fleet'. The rather 'long in the tooth' Isuzu Trooper in the pictures, recently purchased from my son Jack, towed the boat effortlessly and made life on the slipway completely stress free. It's only drawback, is that it's not a campervan, hence the use of tents however, it performed so well that it's here to stay and  my trusty old VW van can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

 'The Tug' doing what it does best.

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