Sunday, 12 June 2016

10/6/16 The Bass Comp.

We had a bit of fun this afternoon on father and son team, Brian and Martin's boat, 'Blueprint' with 'The Elders'(myself and Brian), taking on 'The Nippers' (Martin and Pete) in a hotly contested lure fishing competition.
The bass weren't exactly easy to catch , perhaps because of the reduced size of tide, but I suppose we had about twenty over the side in total with a few 'goodns' in the mix.
Naturally there was a good deal of banter being thrown around but sadly for us (the more mature contingent), 'the kids' showed us the way(trounced us to be fair) but I don't think we showed ourselves up and indeed were perhaps a little unlucky by losing about four good fish.
I suspect there'll be a rematch sometime in the near future.

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