Tuesday, 8 March 2016

February 2016. Blanking!

The river is flooded so pike fishing has come to a temporary halt and, in the meantime, other venues are being sought to go fishing.
At the beginning of the month Dave and me tried our club lake at Shillinglee for not a sniff of a fish between us.
A few days later and I visited the River Test at Timsbury with Alex for a spot of pike lure fishing. I've not fished here for several years but sadly, in that time, the venue has changed considerably. The banks are now fully 'groomed', probably to satisfy  the needs of the 'fluff chucking' fraternity, and the place has lost much of its charm.
The session began in a promising fashion with a follow from a reasonable pike almost immediately but, that was the only slice of action that either of us experienced all day. To make matters worse, a character on the opposite bank, which I assume is a different fishery, told us that he'd removed most of the pike, and those that he hadn't 'taken' , he'd moved along the river. He proceeded to inform us that once a pike had been moved, it wouldn't return.What a  pillock!
Two days later, in harsh weather conditions, Dave and me returned to Alfold lakes in search of perch and once again, we failed, miserably. Finally, back on the river, a run in the boat upstream to an area that has produced so well this season resulted in the final blank of the 'series' . Fishing at this time of year can be 'challenging ' to say the least.

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