Monday, 27 April 2015

5-6/4/15 Progress

I managed to get out in the boat over two consecutive days enjoying some superb weather, along with a flat calm sea and some deserted marks.  Fishing solo enabled me to experiment to the full,and finally track down some shoals of feeding bass that now seem to have populated many of the less well known marks on our reef systems.
As always these fish take a bit of work and patience to find but, if the tide is running, once that green cloud appears on the sounder generally, its 'game on'.
 Honing my live bait catching skills I needed to change tack as the whiting shoals are thinning out .By drifting a paternoster rig with a tiny single squid baited hook barely tapping the rocks over slack tide,  I managed to get enough pout in the bait tank on both days before the 'real' fishing commenced .Fishing both live bait, and lures  the 5th produced 20 plus fish to 6-04 , and a bonus codling of 5lb for tea........on a swat shad!
On the 6th, at a different mark, I managed to find the fish again, and lost count after catching 30 bass, mostly 2-3lb fish on S.Ps fished vertically, but the  pout produced a much better stamp of fish. Every live bait was taken by fish in the 4-6lb range, culminating in this one at 9lb 3oz.
So, a very satisfying couple of trips with, by my modest standards, some good results and hopefully, this consistent fishing will continue.
I've been messing about with the Go-Pro recently in preparation for this year's shark fishing trips, and here's the result - a 5-08 bass caught on a float/Portland/circle hook live bait rig.To be honest, It needs a bit of editing .......can anyone suggest an easy to use editing package??

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