Monday, 27 April 2015

21 and 23/4/15 Back To Blighty


....and, as can be seen in the pics some rather pleasant , warm weather along with calm seas. On the 21st I joined Martin and Brian for an afternoon on the lures and we found some very good bass fishing on just one mark. We soon lost count of the numbers of fish and generally they proved to be of a pretty good stamp with several 'fours' and 'fives' hitting our shads.
 As usual, Martin picked up a 'double' although as his father rightly says ' he's at it an awful lot'. Good luck to him....he's a very talented angler.

Plump pigs for the 'elders'
On the 23rd again, with very favourable conditions, I decided to take 'Jupiter' out and joining me on this foray were two local 'lure' enthusiasts Pete Cook, and Pete Brown. Judging by the amount of gear they brought with them I suspect they may each have a small mortgage to finance their hobby LOL  but it's obvious that these guys love their lure fishing and their enthusiasm was infectious.
It didn't take too long to locate the bass which have now spread to most of our local marks and indeed, many of the fish we were 'chasing' were actually on clean ground 'off ' the reef. The gannets were a great help in finding the shoals and sometimes the bass were working the surface, although these fish tended to be quite mobile and tricky to stay in touch with.
Losing count as we passed 60 bass plus quite a few wrasse to 4lb ,we steadily caught all day long-most fish falling to size variations of split belly shads such as The Fiiish Minnow.
Quite why this lure proves to be so effective is anyone's guess but personally, I do put a lot of faith in this particular pattern especially when the bass are finicky as it tends to 'winkle' them out. How much of this is due to 'confidence' in the bait is open to debate.
 Although most of the bass were quite modest in size, a smattering of 'fours' and 'fives' showed up but, fish of the day was this beauty of 11lb 6oz that 'Cookie' tempted with a 'Crazy Eel' on the very last drift- well done mate..
Pete's double

The 'return'.

 One 'curiousity' was this small bass complete with attached lamprey-the first time I've ever seen this.


Plenty of these about too.

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