Sunday, 2 November 2014

3/10/14 The Blueprint

' Blueprint' is an extremely impressive Breaksea 25 recently commissioned by my marina mates Martin, and his father Tony.
In effect, she is a mini charter boat. Fast, and  comfortable to ride in she has been fitted out  to the boys' exact specification resulting in a craft that is custom made for fishing in our local waters and, in particular, bassing on the reefs and long distance wreck fishing.
Indeed, Martin tells me that the anchor will rarely get wet apart from the odd winter cod foray on ground marks.
Martin is one of three local angling buddies, all thoroughly decent chaps,  who's speciality is catching bass, and catch them they good numbers.
 Personally, as a tyro with a long apprenticeship yet to serve, I can't get anywhere near their results when it comes to tracking and boating 'the spikey ones' so, when an opportunity arises to fish with them ,I always jump at the chance.
Every trip with these guys is a 'school day' and regardless of the catch, a thoroughly enjoyable outing to boot.
Let me say at the outset that these guys have no hidden secrets, no special marks nor revolutionary methods. What they do have is a wealth of experience, an in depth knowledge of  the particular marks they choose to fish ,and an understanding of how the fish react at particular states of the tide.
Indeed, Martin admits to only regularly fishing two different areas for bass and both these are  visited by other anglers who usually drop their anchors and bait fish.
Martin's approach is somewhat different in that he rarely takes bait on board his boat these days as it tends to make a mess of his shiny new deck. Instead , he relies solely on fishing lures, usually vertically fished soft plastics which he does very competently, although he does admit to setting up a live bait outfit on occasion just in case.
These skills cannot been learned over night and, although other anglers will have you believe otherwise (I'm always being asked how they do it), there is no short cut to success with this style of fishing. Once you accept that as fact, the fishing becomes much more enjoyable.
Todays catch was , by my standards , quite spectacular and, as can be seen from the pictures Martin had the best of the fish, catching some cracking bass. Exact size is becoming less relevant as time moves on and Martin rarely bothers to weigh his bass unless he thinks they're doubles!!!
 Don't get me wrong, I did catch plenty of silver myself and had a great time in the process and was able to fit another tiny piece of the jig-saw in place that will enable me to take my bass fishing a step futher in the future.................hopefully this space will be worth watching.

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