Sunday, 2 November 2014

2/10/14 Burning Fuel


A rather uneventful trip this one which was a shame because it was a rare chance to take my good friend, and marina neighbour Alan for a trip out on 'Jupiter'.
Since mooring my boat at the marina , Alan has been an invaluable help on all matters 'fishy' in our locale, due in no small part, to his extensive experience of fishing from small boats on our favourite marks.
We decided to go out on a wreck hunt travelling many miles in the process, and visiting several structures but, do you think we could find a fish???
We couldn't even buy a bite until, on the return leg of the journey, we visited one of our local marks and it produced both a cod , and a few small bass, all taking soft plastic lures.
Isn't that just the way with fishing sometimes.
Wrecking, it would seem, is not as easy as it sounds and is something that I will need to investigate further at a later date. Its all very well going out with Martin and having a good day half way across the Channel but, I need to do it in my own boat.

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