Friday, 21 October 2011

21/10/11 First outing After Pike.

Not good news i'm afraid. Initially I'd intended to go out again in the boat but this time after plaice. I've got some marks to try fairly close to the port and the winds did look marginal when i looked at Windguru last night. This morning, they'd increased slightly with gusts of 15mph forecast for the 'shut out' so those marks will have to wait for the next set of tiddler tides.
Instead i headed up to Pulborough #1 in search of pike and failed...................miserably. Not one take in six hours despite good river conditions. Never mind. There are five months of the season still left.
 On the 'tackle tart' front, the first of the Kenzakis has arrived(the 12/20) and initial impressions are mixed. The reel's set much higher than on the Soniks which makes the rod 'feel' lighter and will be better for casting but may not be so comfortable when playing a decent fish, especially when seated. A critism raised in a review of the rods.
It's certainly very convenient having two equal sections and storing the rod fully made up, and tucked under the cuddy will be useful but, after rigging the Kenzaki ,I found it softer and less powerful than the Sks which have a sweet tippy action with more power under load. The Soniks have a slimmer, more modern feel but I'll know more when I fish them both alongside each other. I'm sure the Kenzakis will make a suitable second set of rods which is what I'm after.

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