Tuesday, 18 October 2011

18/10/11 Justice Is Served.

After yesterday's tribulations(just kidding-you know I enjoyed myself really) it was time to seek revenge, square up with the mullet gods, and redress the balance.
Confident of success, I was already writing this blog entry, in my head, on the drive to west bank. Low tide again, nice murky water and , on a day when I noticed the first hint of winter's 'nip' in the air, a nice bit of bright sunshine to warm their backs and get them into snacking mood. Perfect conditions to do battle.
I didn't have to walk more than a hundred yards to find the first group of mullet although, there were noticeably less fish showing in the river than yesterday possibly due to the drop in temperature. Slight alteration of tactics today in order to combat the finicky bites of the day before.-a change of float to and old favourite quill avon of my own concoction with a thin tip and shotted to almost neutral buoyancy. This ploy would make a huge difference.
Tide was still just running off when i took my first cast and it was literally a bite a trot from the off. Still a little tentative in nature but at least this time around, the float, with less resistance, was submerging properly and the mullet were hanging on to the bait just a fraction longer....long enough to soon connect and successfully land a fish of about 2 1/2lb . Job done.
Roger just happened to be standing behind me exercising his mutts, as I landed the fish and was glad to take a snap for me.Pity I couldn't have held on to the fish properly but it decided to continue its fight on the bank.
I could have packed up there and then but decided to hang on for another, but in a different swim-in fact the scene of yesterday's lost fish. Again, once the ground bait had gone in it didn't take long for the first tentative nibbles which eventually turned into a hit and another slightly smaller mullet of about 2lb. No.2
I decided to remain in the same swim and try for the hat-trick, as the last capture hadn't caused too much commotion, and it wasn't long before mullet no.3 was in the net- a slightly larger fish of 3lb and probably, i thought, the end for that swim.
By now the flood had set in but, being a moderate 5.1 m tide, which I prefer, the push of water wasn't too violent. Leisurely strolling back downstream, half intending to call it a day, I caught a glimpse of a flash and decided to give it a try. Mullet no.4 was a better fish again, in the 3-4lb bracket and concluded one of my best sessions of the season all in the space of two hours fishing. Not quite the stamp of fish I tangled with yesterday but very satifying fishing and,compensation enough for the torment they put me through. Justice was done. Harmony restored.
In fact I've decided that it will probably be my last mullet session this year as my thoughts are now turning to other ,predatory species in both fresh and salt water, when the weather's too rough for the boat. It's always a good thing to end a season on a high note, and I've no doubt we'll get together again in the spring.
Changing tack slightly and some news for all budding tackle tarts-Avet No.2 has turned up from 'Longfintuna' in New Jersey.Don't you just love the Americans! Slightly bigger version this time(still pretty tiny) but just as sexy as her silver sister and already set up on the heavy outfit for a possible cod. Watch this space.

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  1. Back in the saddle - as the saying goes - well gone Jeff; good angling