Tuesday, 7 September 2010

5/9/10, 7/9/10 Blanking!

Both opportune trips and both pretty short,but I did say that 'warts and all' would be included in the blog.Sunday evening after work, I had a go with peelers out back for possible hounds that might still be lingering.The previous night a WSF member had taken a couple which gave me the excuse to try.Couple of hours-not a sniff.Easterlies a real pain.

Tuesday, between night shifts, I decided to bank fish the Adur at the old toll bridge.I did see quite a few smallish mullet around the bridge struts on the east side and should have had a crack at them,but Instead decided to leger a short distance upstream .Being quite exposed, the wind,again,was a nuisance and,as my heart wasn't really in it,I packed up after a couple of hours biteless,but with a little bit more knowledge of the river, and the Intention of a return trip soon.

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