Tuesday, 28 September 2010

27-9-10 Two Trips Out - Bassquest #5 Popping!

Charming Bob Charman caught a seven pound mullet at the Arun fish-in a couple of weeks ago and ,on returning from my holiday to France and hearing this news, I just had to get out and have a crack.

HW at the Tesco's flats was the venue(the scene of Bob's success) but the water was gin clear and the mullet not playing at all.I fished feeder, and float for four hours over the top of the tide, but was pestered endlessly by swans and crabs and the only take came from this tiny bass.

Called Andy in the evening,who was plugging at Ford,so decided to join him for an hour with a 'skitterpop'.First cast, as I drew the lure alongside the marginal weed, came a take but the bass didn't connect-still...It's given me confidence in a method i've never scored with previously, and as Andy seems to be getting a few on surface lures, i'll be back for this one.

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