Thursday, 2 September 2010

2/9/10 A morning fraught with problems

Tides are small and early at the moment and the weather's still fine, so I'm making the most of this set of leave days as next week the tides are huge.

The plan was to get the boat on the Adur to do a sort of scouting trip.Some very big mullet have come out recently with many way over my p.b weight so I thought it about time to get the river sorted out.Out of the house at 6-30 a.m,i reached Emerald quay at 7-00 and I was too late to catch the tide.It had already reached well down the mud and would've been too messy to launch.So, Plan B.

Half an hour later and I was launching at Littlehampton with the water just on the edge of the slip 2 1/2 hours down.I decided to head against the flow and again,attempt to get to 'Carp straight' .Trouble was,fish were showing just below the A259 on the east bank,and the sewer bend on the way up.

I should've learnt my lesson by now and fished for these sighted mullet because,there was nothing at C.S,so I  relocated to 'prison straight' and soon had this 3-04.Terrible picture as I was trying to use the self timer-definitely needs practice.

Finished up with another fish of 2-13 having sighted some whelms on the tesco's flats at dead low.

Packed up about 1-00p.m deciding not to bother with the flood.Left the boat unattended without an anchor at the slip and nearly lost it as it drifted off on the incoming tide and,made a total 'balls up'  getting her back on the trailer missing the rollers about six times,before patience prevailed.Trying session but,..........two more for the target.

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