Friday, 3 September 2010

3/9/10 Afloat on the Adur

Back for another attempt to get the boat on the Adur today and, I finally managed it...just.I arrived at 7-00 a.m and had barely enough water to launch at Emerald Quay.Getting the boat on and off this river was never going to be easy.

First port of call, I headed upstream, to an area between the Norfolk Bridge and footbridge,where both Gary and Dave R had already done the groundwork ,and scored with some exceptional mullet.Tide was a bit down so I was able to trot in the light flow a few yards from the bank and in a couple of feet of water.

Just after 8-00 the float disappeared and I had what I thought was a decent fish on.The fight wasn't a prolonged effort, but then I wasn't contending with the flows I'm used to on the Arun.It just felt like a fairly solid fish.It turned out to be 5-10,my best fish from the Adur,and biggest of the season so far.Sadly the camera,which i'd set up on my newly adapted bank stick,over exposed the shot and ,as hard as I've tried to adjust it digitally,it's terrible..Shame....because it's a great pose.

That,was the only fish of the day.I moved downstream searching for fish but they were difficult to locate.I ended up back up near the footbridge where i'd spotted several whelms.I even managed to get quite close but takes.

Eventually after waiting for the tide to make on the slipway,I retrieved the boat at 5-30 and found that some low life  parking attendant had ticketed my rig.I'd parked on the wide pavement but alongside double yellows-bugger!

So, another day of trials and tribulations but, saved by a great,by my standards, mullet.

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  1. Shame about the photo Jeff....but a very nice fish. It is great to have so much versatility with the boat; especially those areas where the mudbanks would mean risking your life to get out to the mark.

    I may have to venture as far east as the Adur one day :o)