Wednesday, 5 October 2016

4/8/16 Slow going on the river.

Apologies to regular blog readers (if indeed, you do actually exist) but, as I'm typing this, the calendar in front of me , is reminding me that this trip took place over two months ago, and I've failed miserably to update my entries.
In truth, I cannot actually remember exactly what was caught on this session but, I can assure the reader that it was nothing more spectacular than maybe the odd one, or two bream.
 The target species of carp and barbel haven't shown so far and, despite our very best efforts at pre baiting the swim, I fear that we just haven't been able to do enough.
This is a big water which is sparsely populated and I've been advised by those 'in the know' and who've had some proven success  mostly with barbel from the river, that the effort required, notwithstanding the financial implications, Is considerable.
Unfortunately, I haven't got the dedication to continue this campaign at the level it would probably need to succeed and also, It's early October and my mind is on other species.
I don't consider the project to be failure as we've had excellent sport with the bream but one has to be realistic and after all, we go fishing for fun, don't we.

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